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    When it's down and she pauses again, click the shit out of her! Talk to the window until you unlock "so many wonders."For the ball one you need to go to Pinkies room after her sex scene and talk to the floor I guess. How to's if you didn't know already: Choose unicorn first. She puts you to work in a simple minigame to gain bits.

    ""Cheer up""Forget her"Instead of a sex scene, you get a kiss. I just found a minor different ending if you manage to get all of the mane 6. Cake in Sugarcube Corner to package the ball as a gift, then go upstairs and place on floor (just click the floor). Continue on to Sweet Apple Acres and find Applejack.

    ""Cheer up""Forget her"Instead of a sex scene, you get a kiss. Go left to the dirt path and follow it to the rock.

    For the heart one you must talk to Fluttershy like this:"Why?

    After giving Twilight the Book, finish the game and click on "Twilights experiment" in the more bullshit mode to get some extra fun with the mane 6 : DTo get Derpy, just talk 3 times to the mailbox and click "Yes". It isn't that hard with an autoclicker : PJust keep your shield up and click the appearing attacks. But don't with the autoclicker or you are dead faster than you can say "oops."! Only scene with her I found was in Bonus Content you get from giving Twilight the book Trixie stole. You need to bang five in a row, and then head to the pad in the castle on the last night, it should be glowing. After the brief scene, click on the ceiling to get Fluttershy's scene. It's a simple little difference in the ending, but it's something. Pattern is: left, right (x3), left (x4), right, left, and right (x2). Note: You can say no and she'll keep the offer open.8)Ya got Applejack!

    I need: The scene after Spike left How to survive Chrysalis Raritys scene How to trigger Luna (I got her randomly, but lost then...)How to make Celestia not notice you after sneaking past all guards. Well if you want everything all in one place here it is: Apple Jack - (DAY) Go to trixie. 1) Follow Applejack's guide until she asks you to come to the barn. Note: You MUST have Spike's quest complete and gotten Twilight Sparkle.1) Talk with Trixie and get a Horn.2) Go inside Rarity's Carousel Boutique and talk with Rarity.3) Ask her for sex, but she'll be offended and kick you out.4) Go back in and ask if she needs help, she'll guide you to her bedroom and tell you to cut cloth for her.5) Back out of the "cloth table" screen.6) Look at the green design board to learn Magic Attack B.7) Go back to the cloth table and click on the cloth to cut it.8) Go talk with Rarity, who will kick you out and lock her door.9) On the screen where you can see the box that Spike is in, click just above Rarity's door and you'll use Magic Attack B on her window.10) Advance time somehow to night time.11) Return to Rarity's newly-cut window and click on the mate icon.12) You got Rarity! 1) Access apple bucking and buck 100 and/or 300 bits.2) Go to the spa and click on the flyer to select Angel Kiss (Double BJ) for 100 bits or Eternal Peace (Twin Fuck) for 300 bits.3) You got Aloe and Lotus Blossom...kinda!

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    Then agree to help him and click on the window at night. But I guess you have to have sex a certain amount of times. Otherwise, she will reflect your load back to you.7) You got the Great and Powerful, Trixie!

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    Zecora: Drink the water from Fluttershys river (click left of the bridge). If you fly to the castle and take the right path, the runes glow at night. Celestia & Guards: Just get caught by the guards in the left path of the castle. Scene 2-Note: Obviously can only be done after Trixie's Scene 1Note 2: Requires Shield Breaker B1) The night following Trixie Scene 1, click on Trixie twice to get close and break her shield.2) Click on the mate icon.3) You got the Great and Powerful, Trixie...again!

    Oh right I forgot :/ You need to talk to Rarity first. Note: Spike's requires pretty much your entire 3 days, with maybe one day or night free.1) Follow Twilight's bucking path by getting the train ticket for Spike.2) Follow Rarity's bucking path by getting the Magic Attack B.3) When you speak to Spike in the box, the day after bucking Twilight, tell him "Let's try".4) Use Magic Attack B on the window, return at night and watch the Rarity/Spike voyeur scene.5) Next day, head to the train station platform, not the ticket booth, and look for Spike's head betwen the wooden railing's bars, click on it.6) When asked if you want the ticket back say "Fuck no Note 1: Queen Chrysalis can be accessed at any time.

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